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MLM Network Marketing Success | Realistic Expectations and Goals

If you're in the process of building your MLM Network Marketing business, it's important to have expectations and goals.

Unfortunately, many are lead to believe that this business is "easy and anyone can do it."

Keeping your goals and expectations realistic, as they pertain to your current situation, is very important to do.

In doing so you will keep yourself focused and avoid the urge to compare your MLM Network Marketing success, or lack thereof, with others in your company or in the industry.

Hopefully this little lesson from the Daily OM will help you in doing just that!

Financial Naivete

You may realize today that you have a tendency toward rather unrealistic expectations when it comes to business and financial decisions, which could leave you feeling naïve. Or perhaps you could find yourself suddenly realizing the impracticality of a choice that seemed so perfect earlier. When we choose the heights of the goals we would like to reach, it is good to remove all belief in limitations. Because we create our reality with our beliefs, it is important to let ourselves have the freedom to imagine whatever gives us a sense of excitement and anticipation. With that positive energy working for us, we can then look for the realistic steps that will take us in the right direction. By combining your unlimited imagination with practical steps today, you wisely work toward your goals.

We are only able to see a small percentage of the possibilities available to us from our vantage point at any given time. But when we trust the universe to guide us, we know that there is a place for ambitious visions that seem unrealistic as well as for the possibility of actually achieving them. For example if our ardent desire is to be a rock star, we first need to take the steps of learning how to play and perform music and getting the experience necessary. Today by accepting that life requires both big idealistic dreams and small realistic steps, you strike the balance necessary to create them

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It's a Good Life!
Suzanne, The MLM Mom
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Network Marketing Success | Accountability?

I was talking to a friend yesterday who had been searching for Network Marketing Success.

He was telling me how he had been struggling in MLM and recalled a conversation he had had with his Upline, when asking for some assistance.

This friend had been discouraged because the only “assistance” he was able to receive from his Upline was they would provide “accountability” for him.

Meaning, send a list of goals, and they would call him on a daily basis to see how he’d done that day in accomplishing them.

This, of course, wasn’t what he was looking for.

All he could imagine was his Upline calling and harassing him on a daily basis. Asking “why he wasn’t doing more, spoken to more people, etc.”

His Upline obviously didn’t get it.

This wonderful man was not looking for verbal beatings, he was looking for answers. He wanted to know why his business wasn’t growing the way he was told it would.

He had made his list of friends and family, talked to hundred’s of people, sold, sold, sold, until people ran from him.

His business still had nothing to show for it!

He was understandably frustrated.

The best “help” for Network Marketing Success Upline could offer was “I’ll hold you accountable”.

How sad!

What he needed were more skills and a true system for talking to people who were interested in what he had.

Luckily he’s found that now!

If you’re looking for true help, not “accountability”, download my Free eBook for Network Marketing Success.

You’ll find the answers you’ve been searching for!

It's a Good Life!
Suzanne, The MLM Mom
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MLM Network Marketing Training | How to Talk to a “Yellow” Personality

In previous MLM Network Marketing training topics I’ve written about identifying different color personalities.

It’s important to know how to identify the different personality colors so you know how to talk to them in a way which makes the other person feels comfortable.

If the person you are talking to feels comfortable, you will quickly be able to build the know, like and trust foundation.

This is so important to building relationships in our business and life!

MLM Network Marketing Training, Step 1 - Identifying a Yellow Personality

The yellow is a nurturer, open and indirect.

If you ask this person a question they will answer you in a warm, friendly manner, but they will only answer the question you’ve asked then stop, they will not expound.

They are the best listeners, and easy to get along with, everyone has kind words to say about them.

They are team players, supportive and nurturing. They are wonderful to have as part of your team or organization.

Yellows have built large organizations when they finally get the belief that they can do it.

MLM Network Marketing Training, Step 2 – How to bring a Yellow into your Business

When you’re talking business with a Yellow, don’t talk about the money.

Yup you read me right!

If you talk about money, money, money you’ll turn a yellow completely off.

The most critical thing to do with a Yellow is build a relationship. Don’t even mention a company name, product or how much they can make!

Focus on building the relationship, don’t brag about how many cars, houses or boats your upline has. Don’t talk about all the money they are making.

This is the kiss of death when talking to a Yellow.

Talk about your family, your pets, the charitable works you do or the charitable donations you make.

The Yellow needs to know you’re a caring person, not money hungry!

That’s how you make points with a Yellow!

Maybe after reading this you’ll be able to think back to the way you’ve approached some of the yellows you know and, now, you can understand why they were polite, but then avoided you.

This MLM Network Marketing Training is very different than the information/techniques we usually receive from our uplines.

But considering that 35% of the population is Yellow and hates pushy aggressive salespeople, I think you’ll find this MLM Training much more useful!

Click here for my free MLM Training eBook!

It's a Good Life!
Suzanne, The MLM Mom
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